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Recognized as one of the Best Data Science Bootcamps of 2023 [ ITPro ] as seen on Forbes, Yahoo, Entrepreneur and many others

Deep Learning Course Part 1

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The Ultimate Data Science Bootcamp

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LunarTech Courses

Fundamentals to Statistics Course

Dive into all key Statistical concepts from scratch to become a solid Data Scientist or Data Analyst. Master Statistics with this comprehensive course integrates academic depth and real-world applications, spanning foundational concepts to cutting-edge analysis. Plus, get primed for top-tier statistics interview success! Check Out Curriculum 

Fundamentals to Machine Learning Course

Dive into all Machine Learning Fundamentals from ground up to become a solid Machine Learning practitioner. From all key algorithms till implementation, examples and interview preparation. Blending academic rigor with industry insights, covers ML basics to advanced algorithms to make you job ready ML professional. Check Out Curriculum 

Python for Data Science Course

Master Python for Data Science from the ground up with LunarTech, leveraging the potent PyCharm IDE. From data wrangling and analytics to advanced statistical sampling, our curriculum covers it all, culminating in hands-on A/B testing, and ML!  Check Out Curriculum 

A/B Testing Course

Master the art of A/B Testing for Data Science with LunarTech: from test design till Python implementation combined with interview preparation. Elevate your Data Science and analytics skills with our course and stand out in data science interviews. Check Out Curriculum 

Introduction to NLP Course

Dive into this introductory NLP course tailored for Data Scientists. You’ll grasp Natural Language Processing basics, from text preprocessing to sentiment analysis. This foundational knowledge paves the way for advanced topics in LLMs and Generative AI! Check Out Curriculum 

Data Science In Practice Course

Dive deep with ‘Data Science Portfolio Projects’ course, tailored for aspiring Data Scientists. Explore Python-led statistics, data analytics, and machine learning. Embark on varied projects, manage extensive datasets, and curate a standout Data Science portfolio! Check Out Curriculum 

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