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Artificial Intelligence Solutions Architect • Experienced Machine Learning Researcher • Woman in AI • Educator • Developer

Discover my personal history, navigating my universe: a gentle symphony of lifelong learning, innovation, and multilingual dialogue in data & tech – a humble journey through rigorous academic adventures, technological expertise, and global connections.

About Tatev Aslanyan

Tatev Aslanyan is a seasoned Data Science and AI professional with over half a decade of international experience in Europe and North America. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in #1 ranked technical program, Econometrics and Operations Research from reputable universities in Netherlands.

Tatev is the Co-founder of LunarTech where she aims to make Data Science and AI accessible to everyone – individuals, businesses and institutions.

With expertise spanning Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Statistical Modelling, and Advanced Analytics, Tatev has led numerous successful Data Science and AI projects at leading tech companies across the world showcasing a deep understanding of all data science domains. 

Tatev has contributed to the research community with first-authored papers in Recommender Systems at globally recognized ML and NLP scientific journals, fostering an open-source environment. Her commitment to education is evident in years of teaching and creating the acclaimed “The Ultimate Data Science Bootcamp” at LunarTech. 

Academic Degrees

Here Are My Degrees from European Academic Institutions
Master in Science

Econometrics & Management Science

Applied Statistical and Mathematical Study, data-driven research utilizing advanced statistical methods and techniques. It aims to enhance the state of the art in econometrics, data science, and machine learning to assist economic agents, including policymakers, firms, and investors, in making optimal and data-driven decisions. 

University: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Ranking: 14th in Europe, 44th in World

Duration: 1 Year

Coure Courses: Computer Science, Machine Learning, Advanced Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Bayesian Econometrics, Advanced Marketing Models

Master Thesis: Recommender Systems: Utilizing Textual Reviews in Latent Factor Models

GPA: 3.4

Bachelor In Science

Econometrics & Operations Research

Applied Statistical and Mathematical Study, that uses mathematical techniques to analyze and predict economic and business trends using advanced regressions, mathematical and statistical models.

University: Tilburg University

Ranking: 1st in Netherlands, 43th in World

Duration: 3 Years

Core Courses: Probability & Statistics, Calculus, Econometrics, Linear Algebra, Differentiation and Integration, Stochastic Processes, Computer Programming, Financial and Economic Modelling, Quantitative Finance, Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics

Bachelor Thesis: Identifying the effects of working part-time and full-time on health in old age in Europe using Instrumental Variable Regression 

GPA: 3.2

My Technical Stack

Technical Skills, Tools, and Programming Languages​


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